2019-2020 Cohort

2019-2020 ELA Cohort
Monic Behnken Sociology LAS
Eric Brown Apparel, Events & Hospitality Mgmt College of Human Sciences
Taren Crow LAS Administration LAS
Darin Dugan IT Services Systems & Operations CIO
Carol Faber Graphic Design College of Design
Michael Francom Engineering Administration College of Engineering
Mallory Hamilton LAS Administration LAS
Akelo Harris Senior Vice President and Provost Office Academic Affairs
Harrison Inefuku University Library University Library
Christa Jackson School of Education College of Human Sciences
Shaun Jamieson Office of Risk Management Office of Risk Management
Tera Jordan Human Development and Family Studies College of Human Sciences
Aileen Keating Animal Science CALS
Jacek Koziel ABE Engineering/CALS
Susan Lammers Department of Residence Student Affairs
Sophia Magill Government Relations Office of the President
Mark Mba Wright Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering
Seda McKilligan Design Administration College of Design
Clay Miller Environmental Health and Safety EH&S
Andrea Nelson 4H Extension and Outreach
Kristen Obbink Vice President for Research Vice President for Research
Sara Parris Thielen Student Health Center Student Affairs
Sekar Raju Marketing Ivy College of Business
Siti Sabtu-Schaper Senior Vice President and Provost Office Academic Affairs
Erin Schwartz Office of Student Financial Aid Student Affairs
Elijah Stines Mathematics LAS
Lucia Suarez World Languages and Cultures LAS
Cory Walker Animal Science CALS
Corey Welch LAS Administration LAS
Yanhai Yin Genetics, Development & Cell Biology LAS
Jianqiang Zhang VDPM Vet Med
Lin Zhou Ames Laboratory Ames Laboratory