2014-2015 Cohort

Andrea Spiker Ames Lab Ames Lab
Lindsey Wanderscheid Facilities Planning & Mangement BF
Yi Wu Purchasing BF
James Brown Finance Business
David Grewell Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering CALS
Michael Miller Design Administation Design
Ulrike Passe Architecture Design
Sumit Chaudhary Electrical and Computer Engineering Engineering
Heidi Eichorn Engineering Administration Engineering
Mani Mina Electrical and Computer Engineering Engineering
Ralph Napolitano Materials Science & Engineering Engineering
Jonathan Fox Human Development & Family Studies HS
Joanne Marshall School of Education HS
Mark Boeck Iowa State University Foundation ISUF
Jennifer Owens LAS Student Academic Services LAS
Emily Smith Chemistry LAS
Kasie Doering Senior Vice President and Provost SVPP
Carol Heaverlo Program for Women in Science/Engineering SVPP
Kristine Johansen OIPTT SVPP
Brian Ntem Information Technology Services SVPP
Andrew Weisskopf Information Technology Services SVPP
Amanda Fales-Williams Veterinary Pathology Vet Med
Patrick Gorden VDPAM Vet Med
JoAnn Morrison Veterinary Clinical Sciences Vet Med
Michael Giles Recreation Services  VPSA
Japannah Kellogg Student Support Services VPSA
Jennifer Schroeder Financial Aid VPSA
Matt Kramer Materials Science & Engineering Ames Lab
Stephanie Boersma Ames Lab Ames Lab